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Psychic Intuition Spell Jar

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Introducing our Psychic Intuition Spell Jar, a powerful tool for unlocking your inner wisdom, divination and psychic powers. Whether you are a professional intuitive or just want divine guidance for yourself this jar helps activate your third eye.  By opening the third eye, we are able to receive what’s called our second sight, we’re able to receive visions, and connect with Spirit as we’re shown what’s been hidden from our human vision to aid in our spirituality, divination and more. These can come as psychic visions, an increased intuition and also creates a closer connection to our Crown Chakra and the Divine Energy.

The herbs used in this spell jar have been chosen for their potent metaphysical properties. In addition to the herbal blend, this spell jar also contains Lapiz Lazuli crystals, which are known for their powerful energy and ability to activate the third eye chakra. This stone is said to enhance psychic ability, increase intuition, and facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

To use the Psychic Intuition Spell Jar, simply hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and focus your intention on your desired outcome. Allow the energy of the herbs and crystals to infuse your aura and support your psychic abilities. You can also place the jar on your altar, next to your bed, or in any space where you wish to enhance your intuition and spiritual awareness.


These jars are packed full of herbs, Lapiz Lazuli, and various items with spiritually amplifying properties., then wax sealed with purple wax that correspondences to psychic powers!  

20mL Glass spell jar with cork

This spell jar is not meant to be opened. It is already completed and the intentions have been set. If there’s any specific intention you want to set onto the spell bottle yourself then hold it in your hands and envision what you’d like the spell to do for you, imagine your thoughts flowing through your hands and into the spell jar. Your intention is now set.