Are you ready to experience the magic?

Thank you for visiting Moon Goddess Candles! We created our store to boost your inner magic. Whether you've visited our online shop or our infamous bus in Brooklyn, NY you will find a variety of metaphysical products to help you manifest your deepest intentions!

  • Candles

    Our hand crafted intention candles are packed with a magical punch to elevate your vibe and bring forth your deepest manifestations for your life! Each candle contains Reiki infused energy, specifically chosen essential oils, crystals, and herbs corresponding to a variety of intentions!

  • Wax Melts

    Our signature Wax Melts are a perfect addition to liven up the fragrance of any room but also raise its vibration and allow your intentions to come to life!

  • Bath + Oils

    Ready to elevate your next Ritual Bath and daily beauty routine? Imagine weaving a magical spell into your next self-care experience? Look no further! From our bath salts to sugar scrubs to body oils, you're soul is sure to shine from the inside out!

  • Ritual Tools

    Rituals are practices that bring an intention to life! Explore our Ritual Tools to help you weave your deepest desires into reality!

  • Jewelry

    Raise your vibe and call in magic with our hand selected jewelry to add to your daily divine adornments!

  • Women Owned

    As a women-owned brand, we are proud to represent the strength and resilience of female entrepreneurs everywhere. Our brand values inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment, and we strive to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and break down barriers in their industries!

  • Latina Owned

    Our brand is proudly Latina-owned, and we are committed to representing and uplifting our community through our products and services. We celebrate the richness and diversity of Latinx culture and strive to create opportunities for our culture to succeed in the business world!

  • UsA Based

    As a USA-based brand, we are dedicated to creating jobs and contributing to the economy of our country. We take pride in producing high-quality products that are made locally, and we believe in supporting other American businesses whenever possible