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Indigo Water

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Indigo water is used to enhance spiritual protection by bringing peace to a person, place or situation. It is a good all purpose cleanser to remove general bad vibes to malicious spiritual influence.

Made with blue Anil, camphor, cascarilla, holy water, and herbs. This water was prayed over, steeped and charged.

Can be used for cleansing, clarifying, absorbing negative energy, purifying, reversal, removing stagnant energy, keeping sickness away from your home, protecting against the evil eye and many other uses.

You can use this to cleanse the doorways to your house to discourage negative entities from entering.

It can also be used to cleanse alters and any spaces in your home where divination or rituals are practiced, you can place a glass of indigo water there and over a couple of days it will start to evaporate.

In the corners of your home where stagnant & dark energies find solace, place a mason jar or bowl of the indigo water there to absorb any unnecessary energy

It’s a perfect alternative to sage as it forces away evil spirits but does not disturb the positive spirits that you’d like to keep in your home

.This item may stain certain surfaces so please do a test area prior to use.