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Tarot Intuition Candle

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Introducing our unique and enchanting Tarot Intuiton candle 

This exquiste candle is more than just a candle!! Experience the magic of our tarot candle and let it help you tap into your intuition and connect with your inner wisdom.

Made with soy wax and infused with an herb mixture with relaxing properties consisting of cedar leaf, eucalyptus, cedarwood, fresh pine, and earthy sage. Topped with calendula, wormwood, palo santo chips, gomphrena, larkspar leaves, a tarot charm, and a mini tarot card message.  

Each tarot card is carefully chosen to provide guidance and inspiration. Research the meaning and extract the messages that resonate with you.  

⚠️ Please Remove Tarot card and charm before lightning Candle ⚠️ 

Net Wt. 8oz/227g & 10 oz/ 285g  

100% Soy and Toxin + Cruelty - Free. 

Our candles are made with organic USA grown soy wax and premium grade organic oils. 

All candles are carefully hand-poured, use non-lead and non-dyed natural braided cotton wicks.