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Protection Spell Jar

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Introducing our Protection Jar, a powerful tool for safeguarding your energy and space.

It will remove any negative energy that is lingering around you or your home and then work to protect you from anything else that might come your way. 

 This jar has been made with a custom mix of herbs, brick powder, cascarilla, black salt & black tourmaline, all related towards protection, repelling negativity, then wax sealed with black wax which correspondences to releasing negative energy, reversals + banishing 

Carry on you or lay in a special place at home, work, car or carry it around you wherever you go.


20mL Glass spell jar with cork

This spell jar is not meant to be opened. It is already completed and the intentions have been set. If there’s any specific intention you want to set onto the spell bottle yourself then hold it in your hands and envision what you’d like the spell to do for you, imagine your thoughts flowing through your hands and into the spell jar. Your intention is now set.