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Protection OIl

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Introducing our Protection Oil, a powerful and aromatic blend of natural ingredients designed to help you feel safe and secure. This Oil can protect you against negativity, bad vibes, evil doings, spiritual attacks, etc. It absorbs and banishes negative energy so that you can stay at peace Infused with the rich scents of frankincense and myrrh, this oil is formulated with black salt, Angelica root, white willow bark, thyme, and black tourmaline crystals, all chosen for their protective properties.

Black salt is known for its ability to ward off negative energy, while Angelica root has long been used in spiritual and magical practices for its protective qualities. White willow bark has been traditionally used to alleviate pain and inflammation, while thyme has antimicrobial properties that can help purify the air. Finally, black tourmaline is believed to help neutralize negative energy and protect against electromagnetic radiation.

Together, these natural ingredients create a powerful and effective blend that can help shield you from harm and negativity. The earthy, grounding scents of frankincense and myrrh create a calming and comforting aroma, making this oil perfect for use during meditation, ritual, or anytime you need an extra layer of protection.

Simply apply a few drops of this Protection Oil to your skin, clothing, or personal items to create a barrier of energy around you, keeping you safe and secure no matter where you go. 

7ml Roller bottle and tealight