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Money Candle

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Introducing our unique Money Candle infused with powerful herbs and genuine Tigers Eye crystals. This candle has been carefully crafted and to help attract financial abundance and prosperity into your life.

The candle itself is made from high-quality, natural ingredients and has been infused with a potent blend of herbs to help manifest abundance, made with soy wax and infused with a unique blend of patchouli with a hint of sweet valensia oranges. Topped with money drawing herbs such as cinquefoil, patchouli, thyme, cinnamon stick bark and tigers eye. These herbs are carefully selected for their powerful properties and have been used for centuries in various spiritual and magical practices.

Our Money Candle is the perfect addition to any manifestation practice or spiritual practice focused on financial prosperity. It also makes a thoughtful gift for friends or loved ones who are looking to attract more abundance into their lives.


Candle size 8 oz/ 227g  & 10 oz/ 285 g.

100% Soy and Toxin + Cruelty - Free.

Our candles are made with organic USA grown soy wax and premium grade oils.

All candles are carefully hand-poured, use non-lead and non-dyed natural braided cotton wicks.



1) Place the candle in a thoughtful dedicated space that is safe to use. (Altar, bedroom, kitchen, etc...)

2) Focus on what you wish to attract. You can either visualize, speak out, or write out your intentions.

3) Use a wooden match instead of a lighter when lighting the candle for the first time as a small offering to complete the ritual.

Please burn responsibly. Practice safe candle use.

PLEASE NOTE: Dry herbs and flowers might temporarily catch on fire when the candle first begins burning. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the candle or remove the dry toppings before lighting.