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Full Moon Bath Salts

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Recharge your energy with the Full Moon Bath Salts. This luxurious blend of European Sea salts, epsom salts, Dead sea salt and botanicals is made for the intention of cleansing yourself and setting Intentions during the full moon cycle. Infused with sweet almond oil, Eucalyptus & Sweet orange essential oils, and loaded with orange peel, calendula, jasmine, cornflower, finished off with a moonstone on top.





By aligning your energy with the high vibe energy of the full moon, these bath salts rejuvenate your spirit and fill you with the highest vibrations. The bright and uplifting energy of these moon bath salts also supercharges your intentions, creating the perfect full moon bath soak to help you to manifest your dreams and wishes.




Taking a Moon Bath transforms your bathtub into a space where your whole being can recover, restore and reinvigorate. It's a beautiful way to honor the moon and yourself, to release negative emotions or blockages and soak up self-care and relaxation, as well as the calming effects of the ingredients in your bath salt mixture.




Full Moon Bathing Ritual:

During the brightness of the Full Moon set your intention, cleanse your space, and fill the bath with warm water. As you offer a handful of the Full Moon salts to the bath, state your intentions of what your soul is manifesting (absorbing) and what you are celebrating.


While you are bathing allow yourself to envision success. Call it in. See it with your third eye and let the universe do the rest ✨️