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Florida Water

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Florida Water has been long used to purify, bless and spiritually cleanse. Many different herbs and flowers are soaked vodka and left for one full moon cycle to fully absorb the properties of the plants and oils. The herbs are then strained, leaving what is a magically charged deep dark green water that is used to clean, relieve depression, for rituals or splashed on the body as a protective cologne.   

This recipe is made from many different organic herbs, flowers and oils that have been blessed and soaked in vodka. The smell is simply glorious. Scents of fresh citrus with subtle notes of mint, cinnamon and jasmine, bergamot, patchouli etc giving it a citrus spicy floral scent. 

I make each batch on a full moon. Every herb, flower and ingredient is individually blessed and activated before being placed into the vodka. The bottle is then placed on my alter until the next full moon allowing the herbs to fully release their energy and essence into each batch.   

There are so many useful ways to incorporate Florida Water into your life....  

* use Florida water to clean and purify your magical tools 

* Add it to a bath to remove negative energy *In rituals *Ceremonial blessing 

*Floor washes - sweep your floor then put some in in your floor wash 


*Leave a bowl of florida water on a tabletop to help raise the vibration of your environment 

*Use it to cleanse your spiritual supplies 

*Use it to cleanse and charge your crystals *Can be given as an offering to spirits 

*Mist yourself daily for Purification and protection  

Product will come in a 2 oz glass jar