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Clarity Candle

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This Clarity candle was created to bring the energy of focus and clarity into your life, it will help you to clearly see the truth, get a greater sense of self trust, self worth and self acceptance, it will also help get in touch with suppressed emotions, brings peace, Clears the mind and Calms the heart. It's also a great candle for meditation and Visualization. It promotes a balanced, calm, and peaceful mentality and can assist you with mental clarity through its ability to connect you to the higher planes of existence.

Our Clarity Candle are made with soy wax and infused with a fresh rose bush fragrant. Topped with Roses, Gomphrena, Forget Me Nots, Rosemary, Sage, Baby Breaths, Lavender and a Desert Rose Crystal. Infused with Reiki Energy and Intention.

Desert Rose emits a clarifying and purifying energy. It helps you to eliminate old thought patterns and processes, clearing the way for greater guidance from your highest self. These beautiful stones are like little filters, helping to rid the mind of limitations so that you can perceive and hear all the divine guidance awaiting you.

Candle size 8 oz/ 227 g. & 10 oz/283g

100% Soy and Toxin + Cruelty - Free.

Our candles are made with organic USA grown soy wax and premium grade oils.

All candles are carefully hand-poured, use non-lead and non-dyed natural braided cotton wicks.


1) Place the candle in a thoughtful dedicated space that is safe to use. (Altar, bedroom, kitchen, etc...)

2) Focus on what you wish to attract. You can either visualize, speak out, or write out your intentions.

3) Use a wooden match instead of a lighter when lighting the candle for the first time as a small offering to complete the ritual.

Please burn responsibly. Practice safe candle use.

PLEASE NOTE: Dry herbs and flowers might temporarily catch on fire when the candle first begins burning. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the candle or remove the dry toppings before lighting.